Networking with Confidence  - Obtaining a Steady Stream of New Clients

How to get the best results - strategies for everyone keen to succeed and who wants a steady stream of new clients

"Networking"  with confidence can be face to face or online.  Attending a workshop or an event, is only the beginning - in order to be successful and confident with your business "networking" or client attraction ,you must have an action plan, be accountable, and also share with others, as you will then know now you are not alone, and that like-minded people can always offer benefits to each other by sharing.

Janet has developed Networking with Confidence modules.  Networking works in many way and many business owners are uncomfortable with the idea of tradition Networking.

Every module can be tailored for specific Industries . The end result is simple - Getting a steady Stream of new clients in various ways.

These modules include:

  • How "Networking"  can work for your business
  • Overcoming fears
  • "Networking" correctly for You 
  • "Networking" Etiquette
  • How to start
  • Developing Ambassadors to promote your business
  • Following up
  • "Networking" Business Planning goal setting , action plan, progress assessment
  • Return on Investment

Modules are presented in face to face group workshops both as a one day event, individual modules in group video calls, Hang Outs, and one on one as required.

All modules are incorporated in Janet's mentoring packages.

Guest speakers and bloggers will also share their expertise in other areas to compliment your "networking with confidence" to start.

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