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Elevating your mood…naturally

  If it’s been a while since you had that wonderful feeling of euphoria, there are measures you can take to elevate your mood by encouraging production of your bodies naturally occurring ‘happy hormones’.

Our hormones control many aspects of our body’s responses and certain hormones are known to help promote positi...

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Stepping stones to reach your goals

  The calendar turns over to a fresh, brand new year, full of promise, so how do we keep these promises we make to ourselves and get to the end of the year with our resolutions intact and goals realised?

We all start out with good intentions when we set our objectives for the year to come, but motivation notoriously wanes with time and ha...

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Decision making your way to the best outcome

  Decision making your way to the best outcome Throughout our lives, making a decision is something we do thousands of times a day. Our first thought occurs as soon as we wake, and our final thought when we drift off to sleep. Researchers have found on average, that most people will have approximately 6,200 thoughts per day.i

Having so m...

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Not feeling yourself? You could be languishing

  Not feeling yourself? You could be languishing Feeling a bit lacklustre as the days roll by? Hitting the snooze button more than usual? It’s a feeling that can be difficult to put your finger on, but it has a name, languishing.

Whether it’s feeling exhausted and unmotivated, or restless and eager to do more, we can be off k...

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There is always another point of view or opinion.

Hi Here is the newsletter for the Networking with Confidence Facebook Group.
This is an extension of the group itself and combines tips and information for you to have on hand easily. I hope you enjoy, Janet Be Yourself is easy to say and it should be easy to do
The problem with networking, is we often overthink what we have to do or ...

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