Boost your Business in 2019 - 7 top tips

Written on the 13 January 2019 by Janet Culpitt

Boost your Business in 2019 - 7 top tips


Almost everyone starts a new year with a resolution or plans to change something, do something, stop doing something and the list continues. This is usually on a personal level to boost their life and make this their best year ever, but what about on a business level?

Successful Businesses all over usually the world do annual projections and plans for their new year, whether it be a calendar year or a financial year. There must be some methodology to this though or it will simply look good, and filed somewhere and the boost to your business will not happen without actions to enable this boost.

Here are 7 Tips to Boost Business for 2019:

1. It all starts with a plan business don't plan to fail, but many do fail to plan, correctly, it's a sad fact. A plan but have a goal or outcome and at least 4 actions to reach that goal or outcome.

2. Seek professional advice as needed. Take the time to review each goal and think of who in your network can help you with this goal. Getting the right advice or help can save you time and money in long run by allowing you to concentrate on your specific area of expertise.

3. Review your existing suppliers are you getting the best service and value from who you are using? We often just keep using the same without thinking about it but things do change like systems and prices so you may be surprised and it could be a valuable boost to your business.

4.  Look at your range of services or goods and see what can be diversified. Offering an improved or even a new concept for your clients can be very refreshing and will help retain their business plus attract new business.

5. Revive and engage your team. Get them motivated by sharing your plans, seek their input as they will offer some very valuable advice if made to feel their input is valued by you. It will increase their commitment to business growth without necessarily being something in it for them other than recognition and inclusion.

6. Review and assess current Systems and processes many of these can be improved upon and should change as business changes. Remember though "if something is not broken don't fix it" simply ensure it is functioning at its peak. One way that works for this is a survey of client satisfaction to existing clients and ask open and honest questions and take on board the feedback.

7. Be where your customers are it seems commonsense but in many cases market places and activities of our clients change. eg. Are they online?-  is a huge factor these days. Make sure you know where they hang out, how they research, where they look. Ask your clients .Is your presence being seen where it can be most effective, online such as website, social media etc. Face to face should not be discounted as the personal approach also works - review your networking and connections and create some strategic alliance programs or affiliates.







Janet CulpittAuthor: Janet Culpitt
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