Written on the 16 March 2018 by Janet Culpitt



This week, women around the world took a stand and made a #PressForProgress for International Women's Day.

Perhaps more so in 2018 than previous years, we saw confident women press pause to get some perspective on their lives.

Whether it was expressing their convictions on age or gender discrimination, indulging in self care, pursuing a new direction with boldness - or simply celebrating on how far women have come in the past few decades - it was a cause for pause and reflection.

For me? The day was about taking a good, hard look at my relationships.

The busy pace of everyday life means we often forget to press pause and truly assess how healthy our relationships really are. Friendships, marriages, family relationships are they all automated in our everyday lives, or do we approach them with gratitude, flexibility and a willingness to grow?

Healthy relationships don't just happen - they are the result of hard work. We can't simply race from appointment to appointment, frantically tick off our to-do lists daily and fall in bed in a heap each week, happy because we just managed to survive.

We have to assess the health of our relationships - in the midst of a busy, full, rich, life.

International Women's Day is a great prompt for us to properly consider where we need to change and adapt in our most important life investment: relationships.

Ask yourself: is there anyone in your family or friendship group you need to forgive? Is there someone you have been hurt by, and avoided raising the topic with? Do you need to spend more time at home with your spouse and children?

Where can you schedule a date night this week? Have your children been asking you for months to take them somewhere special, but you have been too busy? When is the last time you called your parents?

Asking the hard questions about where we need to personally grow and make change helps us build the best connections possible.

Our everyday relationships - with our local barista, postman, boss, employees, family, friends - are significant - they contribute to our overall wellbeing, mental health - and even our future life trajectory in terms of who we are becoming, and our careers.

Take five this week - be bold enough to ask yourself some hard questions and make some significant changes.

How are your relationships really?

Janet Culpitt

Relationships Expert | Master Coach | Master Networker


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