Once in a Lifetime

Written on the 28 October 2016 by Janet Culpitt

Once in a Lifetime

I have been away from work alot this last month due to the early arrival of my newest grandson.  All is going well now and I am back in the office properly and not babysitting Master 3 year old while Mummy and Bubby in hospital etc.
I will be forever grateful though for the quality time this was in my life. To be a part of a new life entering  the world, learning from the mind of a 3 year old who has no filters in enquiry and statements straight  from the heart , and a new bond formed within the family with everyone stepping up in one way or another. Team Family won the month for me. 

I had amazing support from those in my circle of strategic alliances too , and everyone "Stepped Up" and helped work wise ,which I am truely grateful for.
This enabled my planning not to be too much interrupted so now it is on with it as our practice has many new clients for me to get to know properly, and finish the year in style with many new prospects ready for our 2017 action plan.
This month I have also presented,nationally,  to the GPS Wealth Network of hundreds of  Financial Advisers and Accountants . I succeeded in opening  many eyes with regards to networking and had them realise that they too can get a steady stream of new clients if they implement proven strategies I have implemented in my own Financial Planning Practice over the last 17 years. Many have shared their results with me already.
The remainder of the year sees my next Workshop, now Conference style, on 25th Nov and I will be tailoring this to Accountants specifically.
Why - because I know what works for them .
I understand the 3 massive mistakes many of them make, as I have made these in the past and know what to avoid. Mistakes you only want to make once in a lifetime, that I guarantee.
Don't worry if you are not an Accountant as if you have a similar target market as Accountants , this workshop will assist you , the Business Owner , too.
Yes I have truely had a Once in a Lifetime month. What about You ? I would love to hear from you.

Janet CulpittAuthor:Janet Culpitt
About: Janet Culpitt is a mentor for passionate SME business owners, looking to expand their business and create a successful plan for growth and sustainability. Her life long experience in the business industry and entrepreneurship, allows her to educate and lead her clients to developing impeccable skills in networking, forming long lasting connections.
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