There is always another point of view or opinion.

Written on the 28 July 2017 by Janet Culpitt

There is always another point of view or opinion. Hi

Here is the newsletter for the Networking with Confidence Facebook Group.
This is an extension of the group itself and combines tips and information for you to have on hand easily.

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Be Yourself is easy to say and it should be easy to do
The problem with networking, is we often overthink what we have to do or we try and conform to what others are doing.

This often moves us away from our authentic self and sees us "playing a part" or acting out a role.
By doing this you may feel that it is easier than being yourself, especially if you are nervous, unsure how to act, intimidated or just simply out of your comfort zone.

The trap is though you can get caught out. It is not dissimilar to telling a little white lie. You must always make sure you don't say or do something that gives the "act" away.
And you know what - you will get caught out. It may take a while but you will, in my opinion.

Scenario - imagine you have this great professional networking persona. You have practiced and you have it down pat. This is how everyone will see you when you are networking.
A client is referred to you and starts asking you questions based on what the referring person has told them. If any of this was, in fact, untrue or, even simply bending the truth, you will get caught out.

You could lose new business or just as bad, lose the confidence the other person had to refer their connection to you.
Don't ask for more than you can handle.

Don't give a false impression of your workspace.
Don't give a false impression of how you really feel - if your nervous that's OK - it will get better. If you have to hold something and read from it that's OK too - you will get used to what you have to say.

If you don't feel comfortable handing out business cards ad-hoc then don't.
If you don't have the time for venue follow up "coffee dates" then make it a virtual one.

If you give the expectation of follow up - follow up.
If you know you won't be able to attend a catch up don't set the time and then cancel.

If you give your job title as something extraordinary make sure it is actually something that you do.
Get the drift of this authenticity? It's about You being comfortable about being you and having others get to Like, Know and Trust You.

Not everyone has to like you - that's OK too - but there is more of a chance that they will if you are being yourself.
Remember, at all times to treat others as you would like to be treated, this is showing a part of the real you.

Be Yourself.

Not everyone sees the same things.
There is always another point of view or opinion.
When we network it is not following the crowd and doing and seeing the same things.
It is not having the same plans.
Be yourself, set your own intentions, do what feels right for you.

Work Life Balance tips - how the working parent handles school holidays

I love the conversation that a simple comment about school holidays made. Here, I share some of the comments from our Facebook group on how some of the members feel and cope with their Work and Life Balance with regards to school holidays.

  • I was always thankful to have the holidays off with my kids.We shared some wonderful adventures.
  • It's taken awhile but finally, my two are at the age where I can get out during school holidays. I try to limit this but the option is there. It's all a balancing act. It's made easier having a home office that's for sure. This holiday for the first week my partner is also home which makes it even easier. It's all about balance.
  • Darn Mum Guilt, we all did our best Janet. We also had to work most holidays.
  • I didn't even realise! Hahaha! ... When I think of the years holidays dominated our lives.... Now, I just get frustrated that so many people say "sorry, it's holidays'...(by the way that used to be me :) :) )
  • I was saying the other day that pre children, I thought the whole "I can't do it, it's school holidays" excuse was just that, an excuse.... Now, I totally get it! Haha!
  • We are only new to the school holiday juggle (Prep this year) so still finding our groove! Generally, though, I try to get care 2-3 days per week and then I work nights the other days. And at least a couple play dates thrown in there too!
  • That's how I use to work it too - a couple of days to work with Childcare providing the break and then the rest family time.
  • Good to hear I'm on the right track! Flexibility was why I started my biz in the first place so I figure I need to take advantage of that whenever possible.
  • Hello, certainly a juggling/balancing act, whatever you want to call it! I sat down yesterday and wrote my 2 week plan out for my own sanity (including 5 day netball rep carnival 2nd week in Nth Brisbane). The teen knows I'm working but we always factor in a few half days for our girlie bonding time. Miss Prep is very active so have booked her in half weeks at vacation care which she luckily loves. And factored in some fun days with her too. One of the many perks of running my own business to be able to start work 5.30am and work evenings to meet the deadlines. Good luck everyone!
  • We juggle every time but have amazing friends and family around us to help out with hard work that will all change soon xx
  • I love school holidays!!! 12 months ago I started my own online business so I could be there for my kids !!! I live rural and there is no holiday care or before and after school care - I designed this life so my kids didn't have to be raised like i was - my parents worked very long hours and i didn't want that for my kids we all can create a freedom life and networking is a great way to feel connected and grow your life
  • I love school holidays ...I get to spend time with the grandkids ... One lot stayed over on the weekend on way to relocate from Central Coast back to the bush near Gin Gin ...Then we off to Pacific Palms next week ...will have time with the twins and a couple days with their mum and dad ... So grateful for Face book and the Internet ...can maintain my connections and business activity
Many networking groups are affected when school holidays are on, normally with less attendees as their members are having time with the kids. Some groups complain about this as their thinking is that "work is work" but these days that is not necessarily the case - work and life can be combined and can work so well. Many of us have the ability these days to work around the holiday period and online networking really steps up at these times.
My suggestion for school holidays - try a play date with some of your network and get the best of both worlds, following up with your connections, having time with the kids and working on the relationship building whilst meeting a business connection in a different circumstance. What a great foundation to work together!

I'd love to hear any other thoughts on this subject. Please comment in the group or send me an email.

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