Want business success? An accountability coach is crucial.

Written on the 26 March 2018 by Janet Culpitt

Want business success? An accountability coach is crucial.
Whenever I see an athlete cross the finish line of race - I see their face of utter exhaustion, the
disbelief and sheer relief of finishing, the overwhelming joy of months, sometimes years, of hard
work paying off I see all of that.

But, in the back of my mind - and sometimes along the sidelines - I also see their coach.

We all know that great athletes aren't self-made. A vital key to their immense success is their

The coach is the person who runs alongside the athlete, who shares the highs and lows, the wins
and setbacks. The coach is the cheerleader, the guide, the accountability partner.

In fact, the coach is just as vital to the success of the athlete, as the athlete themselves.

To be honest? I think it's exactly the same in business. An accountability coach can be absolutely
crucial to our success as business owners.

Some of us have worked with consultants - professionals who draw up plans for us, tell us what to
do and why to do it - and check in with us every few weeks as we strive and juggle to action it all.

But an accountability coach is different. It could be the business partner you never had it's
someone who works with you to help you identify your goals and forward direction, and then gives
you the support and confidence to find your own success - whatever that looks like to you.

An accountability partner shares their own experiences, helping you avoid common mistakes with
their eyes and ears to the ground as you carry our your determined goals.

A good accountability coach will carry you to a level of personal and professional success that you

It's not a sign of weakness - but rather the sign of a desire to go to the next level in every arena. As
we work together, we can achieve greater things than simply humming away solo.

The role of an accountability partner has made an immense difference in my personal life, as well
as my business.

Ask yourself today: Would you like a steady stream of new clients? Do you want success and
growth? Are you stuck? Do you need some assurance, guidance and accountability?

Then maybe, just maybe, you need to consider an accountability coach.

Janet Culpitt
Business Master Coach (SMJ Coaching Institute)

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Janet CulpittAuthor: Janet Culpitt
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