What is your worth?

Written on the 1 February 2016 by Janet Culpitt

Recently I have come across people discussing the fee or price they either charge or are prepared to pay for a service or product.

More often than not we automatically look for a "bargain" and query if something seems too expensive.

We all want value for money but sometimes ( if not many times) we query that money amount.

We judge people without knowing their background all the time.

I recently was told a story with related to a lady that requested Picasso to do a painting for her. I cant remember the whole story or what he ended up painting for her ( sorry Sharon) but the end was that when she queried why it cost so much for that painting Picasso replied something to the effect of  " you are not paying for the actual painting but for the years it has taken me to learn the skills and gain the experience and reputation I have. In many years due to that you will own a very valuable asset. "

Its true isn't it. We will promote our experience and but still undervalue what we should charge.

We should all be like Picasso in the above. Charge for our experience and our knowledge and the time we have taken to become what we are today.

Many others do and we don't dispute the value as we appreciate their level of expertise  such as medical specialists , award winning designer label clothing , 5 star accommodation and silver service dining ,certain motor vehicle brands, brand name stores and attire, barristers,lawyers and the list goes on and on.

I had been thinking about this ever since being told the Picasso story and then I began to notice more and more that this was so true.

It was even highlighted with regards to "tradies" when out with family over the weekend. We passed a an Australia Day party where everyone was wearing Hi Viz or flour " tradies " shirts. To the attendees it would have  been classed as fancy dress but to a real "tradie"was an insult. They have to learn their skill and we all know we pay to have a qualified tradesman repair our plumbing, build a house, renovate, electrical work etc etc. The whole idea of paying for that experience and years of learning resonated with me again.

Later I was reminded of an incident when after leaving a corporate function and waiting for a taxi that my hubby was ridiculed for being a "suit" in the taxi line . Questioned why he had not ordered a limo instead.(Obviously by someone not in a suit) this ended up being a word of words and pushing resulted as egos flared ( not to mention a bit of alcohol). Point in case though he deserves to be  a "suit" as he is a corporate identity and he is a professional person with many ,many years of training, compliance and experience. He was invited to the corporate event and mix with other TV Heads and politicians and the like. He earned that right .

In the above example if he had been in jeans and a T-shirt this would have been a different conversation.

How easily do we judge on someone's class without knowing their background?

How easy is it for you to justify your fee or service?

I am constantly surprised when I get to know people I come across a little better that there is much more below the surface.

The ice berg symbol comes to mind.

What you see on the surface hides what really lies beneath.

I know this blog is a little varied but these things have been on my mind and I wanted to express them.

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Until next time, Janet

Janet CulpittAuthor:Janet Culpitt
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