Fight Night

"Fight Night" - the gloves are on. Get your ringside seats booked now! - which is right, what is not, who do you listen to, who do you believe, where can you find trusted answers to your questions and concerns?

Meet and speak with experts from both sides of the subject at hand at our regular seminars.

These will be evening information seminars, bought to you by Arrow Focus on Wealth, held across the 2019 year to allow you the benefit of seeing
your way through the maze of financial options to grow and focus on your wealth creation strategies.

Various financial subjects will be the theme of each evening providing you with a hands-on Question and Answer forum.

Subjects and themes will range across financial areas to allow you to have informed knowledge and not just hearsay.

These will include Property, Shares, Managed Funds, Economic Updates, Exchange Traded Funds, Interest rates, Loans and Lending, Good Debt, Bad Debt, Tax Effectiveness, Insurance options, and common misconceptions.

Light Refreshments will be provided so bookings are required for both seating and catering purposes.

Venue: Southport Yacht Club
Venue Address: 1 MacArthur Parade, Main Beach QLD 4217
Starting: 6:00 PM
Wednesday 27th March 2019
Ending: 8:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 0755303500
27th March - Accounting Vs Financial Planning:: Following the hugely successful Property Vs Shares event so many questions were raised about tax savings and tax effectiveness around these areas.

This month will continue discussing these and help you understand the roles of relevant experts.

The 27th March Round we will have Accounting Vs Financial Planning.

Heading into the final quarter of the financial year who do you want in your corner, an Accountant or a Financial Planner? ( or both)

Highly regarded in their respective industries, qualified Accountant Jennifer Lee and Financial Planner Steve Culpitt,

will speak on the common concerns and areas they see affecting most of their clients.

This event will cover what each does, how and why.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Fight Night

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