Virtual Version of Networking with Janet Mastermind Luncheon


Networking with Janet is bringing all the good things of business networking and business growth and coaching  together and making the not so good things a thing of the past or irrelevant .

Together group attendees will grow their confidence, their networks, their referral business , and ultimately their business' bottom line with increases return on investment.

Together, group attendees will work collaboratively to develop and improve on strategies applicable to themselves and their business.

All under the guidance, mentoring and coaching  of coach and networking expert Janet Culpitt herself.

The benefits of joining mastermind groups are enormous.

  • Forming deep and lasting relationships - as Janet says "Making connections that matter".
  • you receive the satisfaction of helping other es
  • you are introduced to the ideas, processes, systems that have been proven best practice in other businesses that may help your business
  • you can share and obtain feedback on any issues you may need help with 
  • you can share your WINS and have those around you celebrate your successes
  • responsible accountability and motivation as needed
  • brainstorming with like minded people

After all we are who we choose to hang around with. By choosing who you spend time with, you literally shape your future.

This philosophy is why Janet Culpitt has created Networking with Janet.  Giving the Confidence to Succeed to all in business.

A new area of focus each month , including speakers of value as required , so things will never get boring or mundane and will always see you leaving with something gained.

December we will be discussing as follows......... I'd love to have a general discussion about perhaps some of the things we learned in business in 2020... What are some of the things that we have changed/ will change in 2021?  Did 2020 give you a different perspective?  What did you learn about yourself as a business owner in 2020?

Come see for yourself . Register below.      

Bookings are essential so you can receive the Zoom Invite and password.

This event  will require your time and commitment for it to get the desired results . You are encouraged to BYO Lunch .

Your return on investment of your time is guaranteed.

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