NWJ High Performance VIP Strategies for Success

How to get the best results - strategies for everyone keen to succeed and who wants a steady stream of new clients

"Networking"  is what Janet has used herself for her Financial Planning business- itis simply connecting, and can be face to face or online.

In this VIP Group Da,y she will share with you all the tips for success and make you aware of many mistakes that can be usually mademade.

Attending a workshop or an event, is only the beginning - in order to be successful and confident with your business "networking" or client attraction and Growth ,you must have an action plan, be accountable, and also share with others, as you will then know that you are not alone and that like-minded people can always offer benefits to each other by sharing. This is the key to the NWJ High-performance Coaching Programmes and group workshops.

Janet has developed many Connection and Growth modules and this day brings them together foryou..

Do You Want to -

  • Gain Influence in a Local Area?
  • Attract New Clients?
  • Be Known as the Go to Person in Your Field?
Starting with the understanding that networking works in many ways, yet many business owners are uncomfortable with the idea of traditional Networking.

"Networking with Confidence is perfect for those who are highly sensitive, introverted and feel frustrated, stuck, and overwhelmed when Networking."

The end result is simple - Getting a Steady Stream of new clients in various ways, taking yourself to a higher level, understanding how relationships affect business growth.

These include:

  • How "Networking"  can work for your business
  • Discover how NWJ High-Performance Coaching can benefit you
  • The signature "Networking with Confidence Workshop" is usually a  half-day "How To" workshop concentrating on the basics of overcoming Fears, Starting and Adapting Conversations, understanding the different type of networking groups and the importance of Following Up.
Further to that this 1-day event will give you much more detail hands-on strategies applicable to you .

This  NWJ High-Performance V.I.P Strategies for Success  day is a group  day with Janet herself covering in more detail:

  • "Networking" correctly for You
  • "Networking" Etiquette
  • How  and where to start
  • Developing Ambassadors to promote your business
  • Following up
  • "Networking" Business Planning goal setting, action plan, progress assessment - 90-day Planning
  • Return on Investment
  • Meet Up Organisers - attracting the right attendees to boost your business, selecting speakers
  • Self Promotion Skills that attract growth
  • Relationships and Strategies - getting a steady stream of new clients and business and personal growth.
  • Business Owners - achieving your work-life balance and how relationship handling matters.

Together, We Will Design a  Strategy that

  • Is in alignment with your core values.
  • Identifies your ideal clients.
  • Identifies language you feel comfortable using when talking to prospective clients.
  • Identifies where you can meet your clients.
  • Connects your networking to your marketing.
  • A plan that you feel comfortable implementing.
And, when implemented, you will feel confident because you know what to do.
Venue: RACV Royal Pines Resort
Venue Address: Royal Pines Resort , Ross Street , benowa Qld 4217
Starting: 10:00 AM
Saturday 30th June 2018
Ending: 4:30 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 731 328
Email Enquiries: jc@janetculpitt.com.au

NWJ High Performance VIP Strategies for Success

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