Thank you so much Janet Culpitt. You taught me how to Network and i will forever be thankful for that. I love helping other people connect

Lisa Tolmie 3.5.2021

I'd just love to offer some experience. Years ago I was at a real crossroads in my businesses and my life. Janet gifted me with a session and the advice she gave me was so spot on. Between my husband and I we had three separate businesses on top of working part time and full time jobs. Janet's advice helped me refocus on a better way than what I was going about. Years later, we have the same number of businesses, but I dissolved one and began another that is not only more focussed on our businesses, but is more heart centred and fits our family better and thus flows better. Janet Culpitt I really feel like you were the person who put me in the right path. I mean every word I said.Thank you Janet.

Bree Arnot May 2021

October 8, 2020, Sally worked with Janet in different groups

"While there can be a tendency to focus on building an online presence for your business, there is nothing more powerful than being able to network effectively and grow your strategic alliances in order to grow your business effectively.

Janet is a true master in helping people to understand the real power of networking Through her various networking groups and her courses, she teaches you the elements of networking that most people miss when attending networking events.

She shows you how to network strategically and what to focus on and how to achieve the best possible ROI for your time and your money.

So before you grab your business cards and head out to the next networking event, make sure you connect with Janet, to attend one of her events, or better yet, take one of her courses so you know how to use networking to build your business."

Sally Thibault

Transformational Wellness & Accountability Coach | Professional Speaker & Counsellor | Author |Workplace Wellness


"I attended this session late last year and from a networking newbie, I'm much more confident attending networking groups and events. I highly recommend Janet's session to anyone who is just starting out with networking, terrified by the thought or just wanting to brush up their skills.

Simon James , Mortgage Broker and Owner Astra Financial


Janet Culpitt is the Networking Queen. She is the main reason I joined local networking groups and her training, tips and constant support has helped me grow my business. I am forever grateful for my path crossing with this wonderful lady. Networking has benefited my business in more ways than I could imagine and I have Janet to thank for that. If you have an opportunity to attend one of her events or webinars, I highly recommend you do so.

Tina Hay
Marketing Strategist | Marketing Coach | Social Media Manager | Social Media Trainer | Copy Writer

Janet Culpitt is a master networker! She has a natural ability to connect with likeminded business people and create business opportunities in a win/win way. 

Janet is a strategic, forward thinker who is highly professional in her approach. .......committed to continuous learning and growth.

Paul Pavlic
General Manager - Practice Development & Coaching at GPS Wealth Limited

If you want to grow your business to a 6 figure income quickly you need to attend the 'Networking with Janet' Events. You will soon recognise something about yourself that you haven't yet found. Without any tricks or pressure selling techniques Janet will show you how to build long lasting relationships that will transform your business income and profit. Janet is the 'rain maker' in her business and you can be in your business by following her simple techniques and strategies that she freely shares with you. It's exciting to know that networking just isn't a coffee overload!

Sharon Jurd
International Author & Speaker
'How to Grow Your Business Faster than Your Competitor'


   "Hi Janet, just want to thank you for such an informative day at your Networking with Confidence workshop. Many lessons learned and great networking connections made as well, thanks."

Jules Walters - Divine Ambience


I hope this is an ok day to post this, but I really took something away that you said Janet and it has stuck with me and I wanted to tell you how grateful I was and am for how graciously you answered me. I was speaking for one of the first times ever about what I do and I was so nervous in front of you ladies and I said Ï feel really weird using the term business woman to describe myself."...because really it was the first time I was in front of a big group of established professional women and you told me I never needed to feel strange about using the term, that I was providing a service of need to people who wanted it"...or something along those lines, still working my way on getting over that mental hurdle, I realized, I AM in fact a business woman. Granted my businesses (and yes I have more than one as I am a creative spirit and need to spread my wings across a couple different skies to satisfy that part of myself), are non-"traditional businesses"- what ever that is given how business is changing...I digress...
T H A N K   Y O U  !!
It shifted everything for me. Bree Arnot Social media Sept 2016 


I am pleased to recommend Janet Culpitt , whom we have retained as an alliance to our franchise network to assist not just us at HydroKleen Australia but our franchisees nation wide.

We have worked with Janet for many years now and consistently found her to be an important resource for expanding our business and helping our franchisees grow. Janet invests a lot of time in attending our National Conference in which all of our franchisees attend annually and also our Management Academy Training which is the core training for all oncoming franchisees.

Janet engages her audience by easily explaining the importance of wealth creation , business planning and the importance of networking , to achieve goals by being personable and treating each person as an individual and understanding their needs and successfully mentoring them along the way.

Michael Wilson
National Operations Manager - Hydrokleen Australia

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