3 Day Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop-with Sharon Jurd

Do you wish to unleash your full potential so you can get greater results for your clients?


Nothing in life is more fulfilling than helping others succeed.


When you help others, you are changing lives, and you never know just how much that could mean to them.


This is who I am today. I help build the success of others.


This all started when I became an accredited SMJ Master Coach through the SMJ Coaching Institute founded by Sharon Jurd.


Sharon is running her 3-Day Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop on

September 16th to 18th,  2022, and I want you to be part of this amazing event.


Not only will you become an accredited coach, but you will also complete the workshop with a whole bunch of tools you can apply to your coaching business immediately.


If you want to work closely with Sharon and the SMJ Coaching Institute, please click this link:


If you join now, you will be able to take advantage of an early bird price of $97 AUD.


Sharon Jurd is a highly respected International best-selling Author as well as a seasoned Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Growth Strategist, and Success Coach. 


I guarantee that when you attend her Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop, you will realise your full potential as a coach.


Talk to you soon,

Janet Culpitt


Starting:8:30 AM
Friday 16th September 2022
Ending:5:00 PM
Sunday 18th September 2022
Repeats:On specific dates
Phone Enquiries:1800731328

3 Day Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop-with Sharon Jurd

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