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Outsourcing works for Me

Here is a recent article that We are Virtual Assistants published. They asked me to help them and their members to be able to network and develop their business by commenting on why I employ Virtual Assistants. No Time is Wasted As Everyone is Working on Their Area of Expertise ...

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Being shy and having to start a conversation

Many people would not realise that I myself am a naturally shy person. I usually overcome this by talking too much when I meet someone new. I find myself babbling at times. If I am not doing this I will say nothing and not make eye contact hoping if I'm not looking at people they wont expect me to talk to them. Who can re...

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Speaking in Public

  One of the most common fears or concerns that many people have when networking is having to speak in public. You can attend a networking event and see others standing up and speaking and sounding so professional . You get to listen to speakers who have everyone enthralled. On the other hand you may listen to others...

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Once in a Lifetime

I have been away from work alot this last month due to the early arrival of my newest grandson.  All is going well now and I am back in the office properly and not babysitting Master 3 year old while Mummy and Bubby in hospital etc.
I will be forever grateful though for the quality time this was in my life. To be a part of a new life e...

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3 Massive Mistakes even Smart Accountants make

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